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Winter weddings are not for everyone, some prefer their wedding events to be as hot as the hits the DJ will be playing. If you and your partner seek a wedding under the sun, there are a number of wonderful locations to go to.

DC Charter Bus

Hire a DC charter bus and head west, California offers year-round warm weather that attracts many to the area for wedding fun. Beaches, an always evolving culture and venues that can leave guests breathless. Your California will be the highlight retreat of the season and an inspiration to wedding goers.

Charter Bus DC

In the event California may be too hot for your desires, consider going south. With milder temperatures in the south-eastern states, your winter wedding will likely feel like a springtime atmosphere with the spirit and fun to match, only to be outdone by the charter bus DC admires.

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Winter affords a great atmosphere for solitude and closeness, but for the more comfortable and high energy seeking wedding plans warmer temperatures afford many more activities and advantages. It is difficult to host an outdoor wedding in the winter, and near impossible to hold outdoor ceremonies for long periods. Have guests leaving the cold in a cheap charter bus rental and arriving to a beautiful atmosphere right for reception and fun.

Cheap Bus Rental

Prepare accordingly to wedding plans and set the date for a great day on the beach with a cheap bus rental, or a nice wooded area in the south with water and comfortable temperatures. Your guests may not like the travel time, but the payoff of great wedding hosting and warm air will have them more than eager to embark.



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